Domain Selection: Choosing a Domain Name for Your Business

choosing domain name for your business
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    Thinking about building a website for your business? Have you considered choosing the right web address/domain name?

    Domain selection confuses most small businesses who know little about promoting themselves online.

    Should they select a .com or .biz address? What should be the website name? And what about country-specifics like .au for Australia?

    This article explains how to choose a domain name.

    We break down the different options, highlight the regulations and give advice on naming your website.

    So read on to see how choosing a domain for your business is straightforward if you know what to look for.

    What Is a Domain Name?

    Your domain name or website address acts as your identity on the Internet.

    When a customer types into the address bar of their browser, they are taken to your site. It acts just like your office address.

    And like a wrong postal address, misspelt domain names direct to the wrong place. One wrong dash or letter and your site won't appear.

    But what guidelines and rules should domain names follow? And what should you choose for your business website?

    Domain Name Ideas

    A good domain name is short, easy to type, and isn't confusing.

    The rule of thumb is to keep it telephone simple. In other words, if you can say it once during a phone call without having to repeat or explain yourself then it's good!

    Here are some tips on how to name a website.

    • Keep it under x12 characters
    • Include keywords (search phrases) you want to rank well in Google
    • Avoid hyphens (-) because they're confusing
    • Only use numbers if necessary

    A good domain should be memorable so research it thoroughly. holds all the top-level domains (TLDs) so you can check what's still available.

    Check out Google's domain recommendations for further advice.

    domain search

    Eligibility Requirements for Australia

    Many Australian companies prefer to register the country TLD is responsible for all Australian domain registrations including,, and They have specific rules you must follow including:

    1. Your company must be registered or trade within Australia or its territories
    2. Maximum number of domain characters is 62
    3. Register for a maximum of 5 years

    Domains are registered on a first-come, first-served basis. And you'll need to provide a valid government ID to register a .au domain.

    But the biggest rule states the domain name must be an exact match or abbreviation of the registrant's name. That includes your business name but can also be an acronym.

    Buying a Domain Name

    You never really own a domain name, just lease it for at least one year.

    Prices start at around A$16 for and higher for .com, depending on the reseller. It's simple to register. Enter your business details and pay online to secure your name.

    At the end of the lease, you're given the option to renew. Just remember to save your login details for the next time!

    Trusted Website Design and Domain Selection

    Now you're up to speed on domain selection it's time to act. But before choosing a domain name you should talk to the experts.

    Lift Strategies offer domain name registration and professional website design.

    Companies throughout Australia trust us on how to pick a website name that's right for them. We offer any domain type and give expert advice on registering local domains.

    Contact us to share your ideas. We promise to guide you on the right road and select a domain worthy of your business name.

    Owen is a business consultant with extensive experience in corporate affairs, external relations, strategy, marketing and engagement. He consults with clients to understand the challenges they face and create solutions to overcome. Owen holds an MBA, Master of Business, Bachelor of Business, Diploma of Investor Relations, and certifications in corporate innovation, digital marketing, and product management.

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