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Rixon Hair

Rixon hair is a Brisbane based multi-award winning haircare brand founded in 2000 by Brad & Sharon Rixon. The brand is a noted leader in its industry having been featured in Vogue Australia, Marie Claire and Harper’s Bazaar. Lift Communications were engaged by Rixon Hair to assist with their brand and digital strategy.


Rixon Hair sought to improve their online presence and refresh their brand identity. After 15 years in operation the time was right to refresh the Rixon Hair brand identity (with the website acting as the first phase of the refresh) that could grow their client base and reinforce the leading role the salon has in its industry.

Lift Communications was challenged to develop a highly visual website that was engaging and was viewable on mobile and desktop devices. Initially, significant industry analysis was and engagement with the Rixon Hair proprietors was undertaken to ensure the proposed implementation reflected their brief.

Our insight was Rixon Hair could significantly improve their digital presence and was potentially losing significant new business by not having an engaging digital presence. The business was also heavily reliant on word of mouth for new business.


In developing the website, Lift Communications utilised the following key elements:

  • Extensive use of images from a recent Rixon Hair fashion shoot as full screen overlay images.
  • Embedded Instagram feed into the Rixon Hair website. This enabled highly visual content to be updated on the site without having to update the website itself. Another significant benefit of the Instagram feed meant Instagram content could be opened within the Rixon Hair website as full screen images/videos without redirecting visitors to Instagram. This ensured Rixon Hair did not lose customers from the website and was able to continue engagement with customers on the site.
  • The use of interactive elements for the team bios. The bios appeared as overlays on each team photos when interaction occurs.
  • Background video of the salon in operation to show potential customers. The video reflected Rixon Hair sensibilities of understand elegance.
  • To reinforce the highly awarded and highly recommended positioning of Rixon Hair we included a feed of real time customer reviews from mylococalsalon. mylocalsalon’s parent company is Rixon Hair’s booking system partner.
  • Facilitated online bookings via the Rixon Hair website
  • Embedded google maps into the site
  • Enabled prominent click to call the salon functionality.
  • Responsive design to ensure positive user experience on desktop and mobile devices

In terms of digital strategy Lift Communications worked with Rixon Hair to:

  • Improve Search Engine ranking by utilising Search Engine Optimisation techniques. Rixon Hair are now on the first page of Google rankings in their market.
  • Embed Google Analytics into the site to better understand and improve business performance
  • Establish a Google My Business presence. This has provided insights that continue to drive business strategy and improve performance.
  • Audit their digital presence and update content appropriately
  • Assist Rixon Hair with their social media strategy and Google Adwords strategy.

Related to the engagement Lift Communications also provided graphic design, photography and videography services. We continue to work with Rixon Hair as they update their print collateral and advertising material.


Rixon Hair has received significant positive feedback regarding the refresh of their brand identity and website. Rixon Hair are delighted with a 40 per cent spike in calls to the salon and 55 per cent increase in online bookings since the website launch and associated digital strategy.

In terms of engagement Rixon Hair are delighted with the significant increase in engagement with the brand on social media.

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