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    Do you want a flexible, thriving business? You may want to start an online store, but you shouldn't do so without writing an eCommerce product page for each item.

    That way, customers can learn about your products, and they can know the product is right for them. And you'll be able to get more conversions more easily.

    Read on to learn how to optimise an eCommerce product page.

    Write a Good Product Name and Description

    One of the most important parts of product page optimisation is the product name and description. Having a descriptive name will help people get to the product page in the first place.

    Then, you can craft a compelling product description to help sell the product. Use relevant keywords to help attract shoppers to the product page.

    Incorporate the keywords naturally and describe the product in as much detail as you can to help with conversions. The more shoppers know about a product, the more confident they'll be when they purchase.

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    Add Images

    An eCommerce product page also needs to have plenty of images. You can start with a basic picture of the item itself, but take it a step further.

    Show the item from different angles, and include pictures of the item in different colours and sizes. If it's a piece of clothing take a photo of it on a model.

    When selling decor or similar items, use an image or two of the item on display. Then, customers can get an idea of how they'll use the product.

    Include a Size Chart

    One product page best practice to follow for clothing, shoes, and other items in multiple sizes is to include a size chart. If the product follows standard sizes, you can state that.

    However, you may want to give more information for products that don't follow a specific system. Then, customers can take measurements to determine the size that will fit the best.

    When it comes to clothes or furniture, sizing is crucial. If you don't have a size chart, you may risk getting more returns due to customers purchasing the incorrect size.

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    Use a Call to Action

    Whether you use WooCommerce or another eCommerce platform, you should include a call-to-action (CTA), such as an Add to Cart button. You can also use a Buy Now button or something similar to get customers to buy.

    Make sure the button is easy to find and stands out from the background of the page. If you sell to customers in different countries, consider those customs.

    Colours can trigger different responses in various countries. Use a colour for the button that will encourage a purchase but that also contrasts the background colour of your eCommerce product page.

    Share Your USP

    When writing a product page, be sure to include your unique selling proposition (USP) somewhere. You can use this section to tell customers why they should buy from you over a competitor.

    Perhaps you offer fast shipping to customers in certain regions. Or maybe you include a coupon code with each purchase, so customers can use it in the future.

    Think about what sets your store apart from others in your industry. Then, you can share that USP when writing product page descriptions.

    Cross-Sell Other Products

    If you sell multiple products, consider how you can cross-sell them with other products. Include a section on your product page linking to related items or items that go well together.

    Then, customers will be able to find those things quickly, and they may add them to their cart. Cross-selling is an easy way to increase the amount of each sale, but you need to focus on product page optimisation.

    If you sell electronics, for example, you don't want to link to an Apple charging cable on a Windows computer page. Put yourself in the shoes of the buyer and link products that you'd want to buy at the same time.

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    Include a Stock Checker

    When setting up a WooCommerce product page, you should add a stock checker. Customers will be able to tell if the item they want is available now and if there's enough in stock if they want to buy more than one.

    While it can add some work upfront, it may save you time later. You won't have to worry about getting orders of items that are out of stock, and you won't have to inform customers of the situation manually.

    A stock checker can also build a sense of urgency when you only have a few units left. You can include the stock count near the Add to Cart button, and you may get more sales because of that urgent feeling.

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    Cover Shipping Methods

    A good eCommerce product page will also include information on shipping. You can include details on the cost and the expected shipping timeline.

    Then, customers will be able to decide if they want to pay the shipping fee or wait for the delivery. Your customers won't have to navigate away from the product page to a shipping page.

    Instead, you can keep customers on the page to increase conversions. And if you really want to increase sales, consider offering free shipping across the board or for orders over a certain amount.

    Make It Intuitive

    Another product page best practice is to use an intuitive layout. Make each product page easy to use and navigate. For example, many product pages have images on the left and descriptions on the right.

    Customers can scroll down to view the price and a size chart, if you have one. They can continue scrolling to read customer reviews, which can add some social proof to your product.

    If everything is easy to find and read, customers may be more likely to buy the product. That way, you can have more conversions and sales without doing much more work.

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    How Will You Optimise an eCommerce Product Page?

    Whether you have a few or a few hundred products, you need to know how to create an eCommerce product page that converts. From including images and a description to designing an easy-to-use layout, you can do multiple things.

    Then, you'll be able to bring in more conversions without necessarily increasing your traffic. Soon enough, you'll have a successful eCommerce business.

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