Strategic Communications.


Strategic Communications

Effective communication is critical for all businesses, regardless of size, industry or offering. We work with our clients to build trusted brands, enhance reputations and encourage engagement with their customers, investors, stakeholders and broader community.

Navigating your industry’s landscape and ensuring your communications are both effective and targeted is the key to fast-tracking many of your business goals. We understand the constraints  which are likely to impede your business operations, and are able to help you develop appropriate strategies to mitigate any potential negative effects, and capitalise on new opportunities.

Our analysis and strategies can develop your company profile to achieve thought leader or key stakeholder status within your sector.

Lift Strategies deliver:

  • Industry and competitor research and analysis
  • Strategic counsel on communications
  • Key stakeholder identification, mapping and engagement strategies
  • Reputation and credibility promotion and preservation

Deliver better, more targeted communications.

Industry and competitor research and analysis

We are experts in researching and understanding potential impacts on your business and industry. Know your competitors and how your business is positioned, and what impact this has on your long term outlook.

Effective change is only possible where potential problems are discovered in advance and alternative approaches can be identified and actioned through the appropriate channels. Industry and competitor analysis depends on knowledge of influencing factors, including the current economical state, social and technological trends, constraints and impacts.


Strategic Counsel

Do you have a long-term plan for your business? Are you bogged down in dealing with day-to-day operations and need to step back and take stock of how your business is positioned in the market and whether the parameters are changing in your industry? We can help you analyse your current performance, define your longer-term objectives, and create a business strategy that will deliver.

Strategic counsel and communications to address issues and build relationships.

Stakeholder Engagement

Understanding how stakeholders will react to planned business changes or developments is important to maintaining these key relationships. Lift Strategies will work with you to collect information from sources such as surveys, workshops, consultations and meetings to develop an engagement strategy founded on research to realise best possible outcomes.



You work hard for your reputation and you should protect it. When things happen that have an impact on your credibility, it’s important to be on the front foot to mitigate the fallout.

With over 20 years’ experience working with businesses of all sizes, across all industries, we understand how essential and fragile the preservation of your brand and public image can be, and the potential consequences of issues that are mis-handled. We work quickly with you to complete:

  • Risk analysis
  • Competitor research
  • Online content audit
  • Online reputation management   
  • Crisis management
  • Brand protection
  • Repair communications strategy
Our experience coupled with a broad network of relationships with key influencers means we are able to guide our clients to deliver more targeted communications via the most effective channels at the most critical times.

A successful future for your business through knowledge, planning and engagement.

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