Discovering your “Ikigai” can help boost your business and leadership skills

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    Discovering your 'Ikigai' has the potential to be a powerful tool for business and leadership success, and everyday life. Ikigai is a Japanese concept that can be interpreted as "a reason for being" or "meaning of life" and is used to describe the source of value in one's life. It is believed that when you discover your Ikigai, you will find greater purpose and meaning in all aspects of your life, including your work. This article will explore how discovering your Ikigai can contribute to business and leadership success, by helping you to identify what truly matters to you, focus on meaningful goals, and develop better relationships with colleagues.

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    What is Ikigai?

    Ikigai, a Japanese concept for "a reason for being" is used to describe the origin of worth in someone's life. It is thought that when one finds their Ikigai, they shall discover greater intent and point in all facets of their life, including work. To find your Ikigai, you must ask yourself four questions: What do I love? What am I good at? What can I be paid for? And what does the world need? By answering these questions, you can identify your unique purpose and use it to guide your decisions.

    What do I love?

    This is an important question to ask yourself as it helps you to identify what brings you joy and satisfaction. It can be anything from a hobby or activity that you enjoy, to a cause or project that you are passionate about. By understanding what you love, you can use this knowledge to inform your decisions and ensure that you are working towards something that you find meaningful.

    What am I good at?

    This question helps you to identify your strengths and skills. It is important to recognise what you are naturally talented at, as this can be used to inform your career choices and help you to excel in the workplace. By understanding what you are good at, you can use this knowledge to focus on tasks that will bring you success and satisfaction.

    What can I be paid for?

    This question helps you to identify what type of work you are capable of doing and what type of salary you can expect to receive. It is important to understand your worth in the workplace, as this will help you to negotiate a fair wage and ensure that you are being compensated fairly for your efforts.

    What does the world need?

    This question helps you to identify what type of work is needed in the world and how you can use your skills and talents to be effective. By understanding what the world needs, you can use this knowledge to inform your career choices and ensure that you are working towards something that will have a positive impact on society.


    What Benefits Can Understanding Your Ikigai Bring to Businesses, Leaders and Business Owners?

    Realising your Ikigai can bring about a sense of fulfillment and critical advantages in enterprise and influence excellence in a few different ways. It can help you identify what truly matters to you and focus on meaningful goals. Knowing your Ikigai can help you prioritise tasks and make decisions that are in line with your core values. It can also help you develop better relationships with colleagues, as it allows you to understand their motivations and work together towards a common goal.

    Knowing What's Important to You

    To uncover your Ikigai, ask yourself the four questions above. It's important to be honest and reflect deeply on how each answer applies to you. Once you have your answers, it's time to start focusing on what is important to you. This could be anything from a passion for helping others, to a desire for financial stability. Whatever it is, make sure that it aligns with your values and goals.

    Focusing on Meaningful Goals

    Once you have acknowledged your values, the next step is to focus on purposeful objectives. Familiarising yourself with your Ikigai can help you in ranking tasks and taking actions that are in line with your values. This can be especially helpful for business and leadership roles, as it can also provide clarity and direction when making tough decisions, as it gives you a clear sense of purpose and direction.

    Strengthening Connections with Co-workers

    When you discover your Ikigai, it makes building relationships with co-workers much easier. You can better understand each other's motivations and work together to achieve a shared goal. Plus, it encourages honest communication and trust about what matters most to each person, fostering an atmosphere of collaboration.

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    Identifying Your Ikigai: A Practical Guide

    To discover your Ikigai, which can be a beneficial tool in business and leadership, try these practical steps:

    1. To determine your priorities, consider the four questions outlined above.
    2. Think about how each answer relates to your personal and professional life.
    3. Put your values first when making decisions and prioritising tasks.
    4. Strengthening connections with co-workers can be achieved by understanding what motivates them.
    5. Establishing trust and cooperation by having open conversations about what is important to each individual is essential.


    Unlocking your Ikigai can be highly advantageous in business and leadership, including enabling a sense of reward, sense of meaning, and a sense of satisfaction. Knowing what holds value to you can help you set meaningful goals, build stronger bonds with co-workers, and make decisions with clarity. By following the steps outlined above, you can start to uncover your Ikigai and use it to boost your business and leadership skills.

    Owen is a business consultant with extensive experience in corporate affairs, external relations, strategy, marketing and engagement. He consults with clients to understand the challenges they face and create solutions to overcome. Owen holds an MBA, Master of Business, Bachelor of Business, Diploma of Investor Relations, and certifications in corporate innovation, digital marketing, and product management.

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